Best Kali Urad Dal, Tata Sampann Unpolished Kali Urad Dal 500g

Helps In Improves Digestive System Of the Body.

Best For Diabetic Person.

Increase Bone Minerals Density.

Boast Energy

FSSAI License Number: 11217303000066

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Best Kali Urad Dal, Tata Sampann Unpolished Kali Urad Dal 500g

Tata Sampann’s urad Kali dal is a black gram that is high in complex vitamins, calcium and is grown from the world-class growing areas and packed after 5 stage cleaning process.

Kali Dal is Known to be one of the main natural sources of protein,  Dal is unpolished, i.e. it does not undergo any artificial polishing with water, oil or leather, Because of which its goodness of natural protein is kept intact and it is as natural as from farm.

Natural goodness is the way to a healthy, balanced life. Tata Sampanns all Dalsare naturally healthy and are processed in the to the highest degree of hygienic conditions, with the help of efficient and dedicated machines.

The 5-Step Purity process ensures that Tata Sampann Urad grains are uniform, cleaner, and superior

Tata Sampann Urad Kali Dal also improves the digestion of the body system as it contains a high quantity of dietary fiber because of which the stool in the digestive tract bulks up and also stimulates peristalsis.
It also contains an efficient amount of iron which is responsible for increasing overall body energy and also stimulates the production of red blood cells as these cells are responsible for carrying out oxygen to every part of our body organ and thus improve the overall energy level of our body.
Iron contains in Kali dal and also prevent iron deficiency diseases like Anaemia and even cognitive weakness

FSSAI License Number: 11217303000066



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