Best Organic Moong Dal, 24Mantra Organic Moong Dal 1kg

  • Rich in protein

  • Makes delicious khichadi

  • Simple to cook

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Best Organic Moong Dal

Size:1 Kg

Best Organic Moong Dal, 24Mantra Organic Moong Dal is a product that brings you the best pulses with the best quality and at affordable price. The carbohydrate and protein-rich dal is an element in most of the food all over the India and as well Asia

Its golden colour is a regular thing in many a tradition and culture and is salted to make a tasty snack which is enjoyed not only by the kids but also elder once. The 24mantra moong dal is totally natural and organic and is fastidiously packed so that it maintains its naturalness and purity and remain free from any types of adulteration. Packed in the polythene bag the dal is kept fresh right from the start till it reaches to the customer all over India

Products at 24 mantra  are 100 % Natural and organic certified. Important benefits of the mantra moong dal

  •  During growing No pesticides or any of the harmful chemical material are used
  • Because of which the dal is  better nutrition and full of antioxidants which is essential for the body system
  •  Best taste as compared to any other
  • No water contamination
Reasons to go organic

Using the organic food keeps your family away from any type of infection caused because of the use of pesticides which are sprayed on the crops for more yield but actually has cancer-causing reasons, Organic food makes sure your family is away from such danger.

Organic food is best to taste and as well free from any adulteration which keeps your family and you’re loved once healthy and fit

24 mantra moong dal is 100 percent organic and rich in protein


Makes delightful khichadi and also Dal
easy to cook
light on the digestive system
Makes famous moong halwa and many sweet dishes



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