Balanced fatty acids

Enriched with vitamin E.


Best Rice Bran Healthy Oil Fortune, 1L Pouch

Fortune Oil is a healthy heart oil that is naturally enriched with multiple nutrients like Oryzanol to provide health benefits for every member of the family.

Let there be no barrier between you and your delicious favorites! Manage your cholesterol and give a boost to your immunity with Fortune Rice Bran health Oil.

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  • Fortified
  • Cholesterol-lowering oil, heart-friendly
  • Improves hdl and ldl ratio, healthier heart
  • Balanced pufa and mufa ratio, cleaner blood vessels
  • There might be a slight difference in the sticker on the container

The oil that manages cholesterol and boosts your immunity. The oil that keeps your heart healthy, Manages cholesterol with the goodness of Gamma Oryzanol.

It is being claimed as one of the healthiest cooking oils, because of its high smoke point of 232 °C (450 °F) and extremely mild flavor.

Rice bran oil is considered to be best for staying healthy and fit without compromising on the taste and flavor of the food and it also maintains the nutritional value

These qualities make it apt for stir-frying and even deep-frying. Considered as a popular cooking oil in Asian countries, it has also been recommended by The American Heart Association and The World Health Organization (WHO), an effective choice to keep cholesterol under control. Read below to know more about the health benefits of this nutritious oil.


Rich in natural antioxidants.

  • With the goodness of gamma oryzanol which reduces bad cholesterol, increases good cholesterol and helps in cholesterol management
  • Rich in antioxidants that protect against diseases and fortified with vitamin A,D,E
  • Keeps your heart healthy and strong. Maximum Shelf Life 9 Months
  • Improves skin tone and delays wrinkle formation
  • Stimulates hormonal secretion and rejuvenates health

Balanced fatty acids
Enriched with vitamin e
Natural antioxidants



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