Buy Whole Urad Dal, Tata Sampann Unpolised Urad Dal 1kg

Tata Sampann Dal – Urad Whole 1kg Pouch

Rice In Fiber

Ingredients: Urad Dal Whole



Buy Whole Urad Dal

Buy Whole Urad Dal

The fresher the packed Urad, the high the ubari. Desi Urad, being fresher than stored imported Urad, gives higher ubari. Higher ubari while making idli batter leads to fluffier idlis.

Tata sampann urad dal whole is known for its natural source of protein Tata sampann urad whole Dal is unpolished that is no artificial polishing is done with water oil or any form of lather, because of which of the
protein content remains intact
Tata sampann urad dal is a naturally healthy way of living life and balance life the urad dal is processed in the most hygienic conditions with the help of highly equipped machinery
The use of state of the art equipment the urad dal goes into 5 step purity process which ensures the Dal is cleaner superior and looks more natural.
Because its nature is intact this ad taste and nourishment every meal and helps to remain refresh and active throughout the day.
Urad dal hole which is also known as black gram is very much popular in the Indian diet and Tata sampann make sure do deliver purest and natural dal to every individual.
Recommended this is for whole urad dal
Baked matter gugra
Mung malpua
Are Few of the most delicious dishes which can be made from urad dal.
Urad dal is rich in fibers which help enhance digestion. It may also help manage constipation by promoting bowel movements due to its laxative property.

Tata I Shakti Dal – Urad Whole 1kg Pouch
Ingredients: Urad Dal Whole



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