Best Professional face steamer India 2020

Futurewizard Steam 4-way Vaporizer Facial Sauna

Nose, Cough Steamer, Nozzle Inhaler

Best for relief from cold and headache,

Organic phenomenon injured essential gentle take off uppermost greasy Safe and easy to carry.


Best Professional face steamer India 2020, 4-way Vaporizer Facial Sauna, Nose, Cough Steamer, Nozzle Inhaler

Best Professional face steamer is mostly used either cold relief or skincare function, were in the case of cold & cough relief, we need decongestion capsule or some decongest oil to put along with vaporizer so that you could get most of it. For Future wizard Steamer for Face 4 in one Go clean facial sauna vaporizing machine provides you all possible solutions for your face.

It keeps your skin rejuvenated, fresh & bacteria free that make acne/pimples, white & blackheads that cause to skin problems. Future wizard Steam Vaporizers Facial Sauna is a defined process with 4-5


1 – Cleansing

2 – Steam

3 – Exfoliate(organic phenomenon process)

4 – Moisturizing.

1 – Cleansing or Washing your face is the initial step to makes your skin prepare to take a steam in good order by removing dirt & bacteria and thereby giving it glowing skin.

Step 2 – After cleansing, Take steam for 6-11 minutes for opening your pores so that blackheads or whiteheads would appear on the topmost layer of skin so that they could be removed by the natural phenomenon process.

Step 3 – Exfoliate or Scrubbing, this process is used to take off all the blackheads, dead skin cells or whiteheads appears on the uppermost layer of skin after sauna steam, there is a recommendation for mild scrub can be used to do this process.

Please Note- For peoples having acne/pimple on their skin do not need to exfoliate the skin, as acne got injured or irritated in this process, so stop exfoliation.

Step 4 – Moisturizing or Toning, Moisturization is very necessary to prepare skin hydrated all the times, so always apply a gentle toner after exfoliation

Let’s help you to know your skin type & possible natural treatments with best Professional face steamer India 2020

1 – Dry/Sensitive Skin

2 – Acne/Pimple Skin

3 – Mature/Tanned Skin

4 – greasy Skin

5 – Normal and Natural Skin

Futurewizard Steam 4-way Vaporizer Facial Sauna
Nose, Cough Steamer
Nozzle Inhaler



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