Immunity booster for kids India 2020

Immunity Booster For Kids India 2020

Immunity Booster For Kids India 2020 Immunity Booster For Kids India 2020

The word immunity has got so much importance these days due to COVID 19 pandemic.

So firstly what is immunity?

Immunity is an ability or internal strength of the body to not get affected by diseases so easily or frequently. Even if someone gets affected by any disease like cough, cold, viral fever, etc. Then the body starts resisting by producing specific antibodies and sensitised  WBC (white blood cells) to fight against the particular illness and restore body to a healthy conditions.

It is this time of the year where we are seeing lots of people are getting infected by COVID- 19 disease so it becomes very much necessary to take good care of our health by staying at home and increasing the immunity of our self and of our family members, Especially Kids which have less immunity system as compared to adults.
So over here we will Discuss different ways to increase or to boost immunity in kids as strong as possible so that even they are exposed to some bacteria or germs there body has enough immunity to fight against those and keep your child healthy even in this lock down period.

Now let us look upon certain factors, which can help you to develop immune system in your kids. There are various ways to develop an immune system with certain foods, which have in them, balance nutrients that can help to build a strong immunity in kids and there are Ayurveda products, which can help to boost immunity in toddlers and kids.

Similarly, there are many home remedies also which can increase immunity power in kids naturally.
So let us look upon supplements or natural ingredients, which can acts as immunity booster in kids.

Vegetables to boost immune system is kids

It is very much essential to include all the vegetables in meals and even in snacks. Vegetable like carrots, green beans which contain high amount of carotenoids  phytonutrients which act as and immunity booster in kids and in adults as well by increasing WBC cells and interferon which help in blocking the virus.

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Seeds of papaya watermelon which are main source of zinc also plays very important role for increasing immunity system of the body.

Ayurvedic immunity booster for kids

A very household item, which we use every day in cooking purposes, is Turmeric. It is the best nutrition supplement for kids.Organic Farms Immunity Boosting Powder

The curcumin content of the turmeric has many medicinal properties like anti-microbial antioxidant and inflammatory.

A limited amount of turmeric can also be given to toddlers who are above 6 months old.

Turmeric when added with honey gives extra medicinal property. It helps in overcoming problems like low immunity, removing free radicals from the body, which is major cause of illness which involves many health related lab tests.

Combination of honey and bioactive curcumin (0.5 percent) From turmeric  have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. 

Chyawanprash, which is a very famous and purely natural way to increase immunity strength of above 2 years kids as well as in adults.

The ingredients used in Chawanprash like Amla gooseberries rich in vitamin c and contain minerals like phosphorus iron calcium m and vitamin b complex.

Other Ayurveda ingredients like ashwagandha and Guduchi also help in building the immunity of kids

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Besides all above there are few more ways which also need to be taken care of to increase immunity power in kids and also in adults.

Immunity Booster For Kids India 2020
  • Include Yogurt, Eggs Nuts, etc in daily diet.
  • Never skip vaccination schedule for kids.
  • Drinking sufficient water. preferably Luke warm.
  • Encouraging them to maintain personal hygiene.
  • Encouraging them to play outside to explore the outdoors rather than sitting on chair and playing video games.
  • And last but not the least Good sleep should always be the priority.

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